To help youth of all Nations, Creeds, Disabilities and Origins grow closer to the realization of Jesus Christ our Lord!


By meeting the youth where they currently are and taking the extra steps to show them this great love God has for us. We can’t tell youth to meet us where we are, we have to meet them at the trenches in their lives. The things that get in the way of us meeting Christ or even following Christ.


We all probably have lots of relationship, some which we would consider very meaningful and others that become negative and end as fast those relationships had started. With Jesus, we don’t have that negativity; he is there through the good and the bad and when we let him in, he helps us build foundations to stand upon, the foundations that help us expand our horizons, and ultimately love others like we never knew we could! Today we live in a world, that tells our youth what they should wear, how they should look, what they should do, and even how to get there. Society calls this the norm, but society is wrong! This world DOESN’T matter; in fact, it is even going to parish one day. God doesn’t care what this world thinks of you because God himself thinks the WORLD of you! He created you wonderful, amazing, and made us all unique and corky with different complexions that give us the ability to be us, but also be an image of what he is! It is our job, our duty, to see how wonderfully made God really intended us to be, and shine that uniqueness to the world though the gifts he gave us! It is my hope and goal though the Youth Ministry of Willoughby UMC, that I can give you a small or even a large dose of how much God really does love you, as well as show you how unique you really are!

When-Sunday Afternoons

  • 6th-7th Grade: 2:00-3:30pm
  • 8th-12th Grade: 6:00-8:00pm

Why Willoughby?

This is a question that I fully can’t answer for you. Coming to youth group or even Church has to be a decision you're willing to make on your own. It has to be something you want to do. I could say come check us out, it will be fun, give it a shot, or even give me a shot but I won’t. I don’t want you to give us a shot, or for that matter even me a chance to win you over, I want you to give God a shot! God already loves you, it can’t be taken away, it was never earned; He loves you because he made you, you are his child! He is knocking at your door and asking to be in your lives, will you open the door and let him in? Either way, he will wait just as I will till you open the door and come in! Hope to see you soon.


15 Public Square, Willoughby, OH 44094


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